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Hope Lutheran Art Show


SEA STAR CLASS:  The theme for the 3 year old art project was “Valentine”.  In completing this project, they reviewed the shapes  square, rectangle and heart.  They learned the vocabulary “to center”, “border”, “background” and “trace”.  They also got practice with beginning scissor skills, using water color brushes and glue sticks!  We tied in literacy and dictation by asking them their thoughts about and discussing how we show love.


ORCA CLASSES:   Inspiration for the morning pre-k class project came from the book “The Dot”.  After viewing the story on You Tube, they were free to create a piece using dots, circles and tracers with a variety of mediums on water color paper.  The story carried a great message about celebrating everyone’s abilities to

{C}·       {C}do art and how we can be encouragers to each other.  The kids really enjoyed the open-ended style of this activity and how the colors and lines interacted together.


{C}·       {C} The afternoon pre-k class were learning about winter; and on one of our coldest days, we thought about how nice it is to have a hot drink!  After looking at several types of mugs and cups and thinking about the lines we could use to draw them; the kids were invited to draw their own “Hot Cup” complete with steam rising up!.  They decorated them with crayon and using wax resist, covered the paper with water color followed by a sprinkling of salt to create a frosty effect.  The snowy cold border was added the next day.

Earlier Event: January 18
Musician Andrew Wurtz
Later Event: March 13
Sissie Boatman-Guillan