Hotwire Coffee House

The Best Coffeehouse in West Seattle

Caffeinated Internet and wireless coffee are the staples of today.  Embrace Hotwire's specialty brews with hand-spun Internet that makes you feel at home and simultaneously soundly stuck in the World Wide Web.


Textwire Hand Phone.png

What is Textwire? It’s our text ordering program where you can text in your order and have it ready for pick up when you arrive.

How do I register? Just complete our registration form at Hotwire or online.    

How does it work?  Text your order to 206.321.0387 which is our text only phone we’ll see your text and start making your drink right away.

Will you text me back a confirmation?  Yes, but make sure you text the drink, size and any special instructions including when you’ll arrive at Hotwire. If we have a question we will send a text back.

Where do I pick my drink up?  You’ll see a Textwire pick up point to the right of the cash register.

How do I pay?  You can opt to use a coffee card, pre-paid card, credit card or cash. You can choose if you want us to keep the card on file.  

What if I want to pay cash or want something else?  Just stand in line and we’ll take care of payment when you arrive.

What can I order?  Coffee, tea or any of our beverages just remember to text us the size and any special requests. 

Can I text a pastry order? No, only because our pasty selection changes each day.

When will my drink be ready? When you tell us!  So please text us the time