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Caffeinated Internet and wireless coffee are the staples of today.  Embrace Hotwire's specialty brews with hand-spun Internet that makes you feel at home and simultaneously soundly stuck in the World Wide Web.


Whole Beans Available at Hotwire

Our estate-grown coffees are hand-selected from around the world and roasted in small batches using our very own boutique roaster.   

Whole Bean Coffee

Whole Bean Coffee

Hotwire Signature West Side Blend

West Side is a symphonic blend of coffee from four of the world’s great growing regions: Central America, South America, East Africa and the Islands of Southeast Asia.  It is blended for a big, full, rich, round flavor.  Sweet chocolate notes predominate, complemented by myriad aromatic notes: wood, earth and herbs linger long in the mouth for a memorably fine finish.  $13.60 pp

West Side Decaf

Our dark-roast decaf is remarkably rich and full-bodied, with extremely low acidity, decadent dark chocolate flavor and complex aromatic notes of peaty earth and autumn leaves.  Processed by the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Method.  $13.50pp



Single Origin Beans