Hotwire Online Coffeehouse

The Best Coffeehouse in West Seattle

Caffeinated Internet and wireless coffee are the staples of today.  Embrace Hotwire's specialty brews with hand-spun Internet that makes you feel at home and simultaneously soundly stuck in the World Wide Web.


The smoothies have returned to Hotwire! Read on for the full list from our smoothie blog post, or click on the 2016 smoothie button for the our PDF.  On the go? Text us your smoothie order via our handy Textwire program.  Happy 100% real fruit sipping.

Voted "Best Coffee" in West Seattle - we are proud to serve our community one of the best cups of coffee in Seattle. 

We also offer a fresh, rotating selection of baked goods from locally-sourced bakeries, and tea from the folks at Market Spice.    

SUMMER DRINKS  return to Hotwire - Try yours hot or iced as a latte or americano

Spicy Mango Mocha
Mango syrup and dark chocolate spiced up with cayenne pepper

Hibiscus Caramel Latte
A sweet taste of summer carefully blended into real butter caramel

Rose and Nutella Mocha
Delicate rose syrup balances a lightness of the flower with Nutella chocolate

Honey Lavender Mocha
Pure clover honey blended into our dark chocolate with a splash of lavender syrup

White Chocolate Raspberry
Our white chocolate mocha with raspberry made zesty with a ribbon of orange peel

Salted Caramel Mocha
Sea salt perfectly balances our dark chocolate and real butter caramel


Kiss the sky with our business speed class Wi-Fi or plug straight into the network via our cables.