Hotwire Coffee House

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Caffeinated Internet and wireless coffee are the staples of today.  Embrace Hotwire's specialty brews with hand-spun Internet that makes you feel at home and simultaneously soundly stuck in the World Wide Web.


Smoothies Return to Hotwire

The Hotwire smoothies return for 2016. 100% real fruit, hand-blended for your ultimate sipping enjoyment. Choose from non-fat yogurt or apple juice. 

New this year is two additional options: chia seeds or veggie boost. Our chia seed are organic and certified non-gmo, these are a fantastic option for additional protein. The veggie option is 100% pure veggies and equals to a 1/3 cup of vitamin-rich plants. 


Experience the healthy taste of whole strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, marionberries, boysenberries, and blackberries which all help the body protect against free radicals. 

mango fresco

Sun and sea drenched flavor with real chunks of mango combined with crushed pineapple and banana—all rich in Vitamins A and D.

matcha chia tea berry

An ancient formula packed with mixed berries plus full of medicinal and antioxidant benefits. We add a scoop of chia seeds for extra protein. Try yours with almond or hemp milk.   

strawberry banana

Summer feels better when you’re sipping this classic smoothie. Sweet strawberries, warmed by the sun, are blended with real bananas.  Strawberries have been ranked one of the top super foods!  Full of antioxidants and vitamin C. 

peanut butter chocolate banana

Whipped up with antioxidant-packed dark chocolate, banana, and     protein-filled peanut butter.  This is full of potassium for healthy cell function. Try yours as a wired cow!