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Brazilian Coffee at Hotwire


Coffee was introduced in Brazil by Francisco de Mello Palheta in 1727 from Cayenne, French Guiana. Today, Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer and is becoming a significant player in the specialty coffee industry. Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, and Mundo Novo, which are coffee varietals, are grown in the states of Paraná, Espirito Santos, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Bahia.

Coffee from Brazil

The vast majority of coffee farms in Brazil are less than ten acres in size which the coffee industry is supporting families.  Actually, Brazil is now the world's largest coffee producer and produces around 25% of the world's supply of coffee!

The vast majority of Brazil coffee beans are still processed via the dry method since Brazil is one of the few countries in the world that has the appropriate weather to do so successfully.   Dry-processed (Naturally processed) coffees are dried while they are still in the cherry. Prior to drying, only cherries that float will be removed. Since the coffees are dried in contact with the sweet mucilage, the coffee will be heavy in body, sweet, smooth, and complex. Furthermore, since dry-processed coffees are more difficult, Brazil has invested significant time and money to developing new drying systems and drying practices to prevent fermentation.

After coffee processing, more subtle nuances due to regional characteristics can take over. There are several distinct coffee growing regions in Brazil, each large enough to be their own country!

Hotwire's Brazilian coffee hails from the interior Cerrado region in Minas Gerais State.  The cup has a heavy syrupy body, exceedingly mild acidity and characteristic tobacco-like "autumn leaf" note to the aroma.  Come in and try a pound, we have our beans delivered multiple times per week and I like to include Brazil in our varietal mix most weeks as this is one of my favorite coffees.