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Entrepreneurs Meeting a Week Later

Last Saturday I conducted my first entrepreneurs meeting at the coffeeshop.  I put out a general invitation via our newsletter and some handbills at the shop.  I didn't know what to expect really but was very pleased I had 10 people show up ready to learn about small business ownership. I've was a public speaker in my former life so I've had some experience with this.  I developed a program where there would be some talking (me) some interaction and also some role playing.  I also brought in an expert, my webmistress, who talked about marketing.  I was also very lucky to have a well-know speaker and author review my notes and give me pointers.

All in all it was a very good meeting.  I got back into the role of a motivational speaker and injected energy into my instruction along with funny stories people could relate to.  The main theme of the meeting was surround yourself with people who know more than you, the thrill of taking a dream and turning it into reality and if you look behind you all you see are mirrors of yourself.

The people who attended were mostly working in the corporate world so we spent some time on the fact no ones job is really that secure.  Seems like it was time for most people to take a leap of faith from the jungle and off the cliff into small business ownership.  I think I scared them too which my thoughts on why small businesses fail, people need to go into this with their eyes wide open and not wide shut.

I'm going to do this again next quarter, Saturday May 16th 7pm - 8:30pm at Hotwire.