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Social Media Sources

This past weekend we tried an experiment with our combined social media sources.  We gave away a free 12oz white chocolate strawberry mocha on Valentine's Day which was a first for us.  We used the West Seattle Blog, KING 5, Facebook our e-newsletter and Twitter.  The West Seattle Blog was the strongest indicator that people are using and acting on this community news site.  The editor put two links on the blog, one in a paragraph highlighting happenings on Valentine's Day and the other on the forums page

KING5 news ran six 10-second spots from 6am to 9am on Friday morning, the day before the event. 

Facebook was third with 131 'friends' of Hotwire being invited to enjoy a free beverage.

I had emailed a Valentines newsletter to 2100+ customers.  This was the only stream though who needed to do something other than come into Hotwire (coupon).

Last was Twitter which resulted in zero responses which really surprised me.

In conclusion, this was a success for us as it underscored the fact people are using the community blogs and getting their community information online.  It was easy to track for the staff and it gave me some direction as to where to spend our advertising $$.