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Monday in my Office

This is new for me.  Usually I'm at the shop on a Monday morning but today I work the later closing shift as my 2 staff members are on a road trip.  I've updated the art walk blog, tweeked the movie blog and checked my email.  Today I had an interesting email from a student at one of the local schools.  One of his friends decided to 'create' his very own punch card and pass it off for free beverages. This young man emailed me because he felt he was wrongly accused and wanted to give his side of the story.  Of course I emailed him right back and gave him the mom speech about stealing and how it can evolve into far more if not curtailed.   The moral implications of stealing even a beverage from the local coffee shop are huge for a young person.  I wonder what happened inside this lad to justify this act?  Did he not have money?  Is it just youth?  Did he feel that was his right to sanniversary-08-015teal?   

I will be interested to see how he responds to my email and provide an update.